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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yo. I leave in about 3 days, holy moly- lets do this! The last couple months have been pretty insane, in the best form of the word. I have been out east a couple times, down south a couple times, was out west for a bit, and hanging out here in the mitten. I have dressed in 80's gear and ran 26 miles, canoed for 6 days out west, questioned by customs in Canada, dressed like a drunk reindeer in Philly, hung out with some horses in Kentucky, missing G-Nel in DC, bummed around Tampa with my backpack, and explored the great Upper Peninsula. I have spent invaluable time with my family, including the little girl who has my heart wrapped around her finger, G. I have enjoyed seeing everyone the last couple weeks, maybe this leaving thing isn't so bad- I get to have fun and see a ton of awesome people. Just wish I ALWAYS saw these awesome people and not just when I'm leaving. Actually leaving sucks, I hate organizing my crap- and don't get me started on the eyes sweating part. welp, mah.

So a couple weeks ago me and 10 other lunatics ran a relay from Miami to Key west, it was rad but I lost my phone somewhere between 'Ohio Key' and 'flippin dumb ass bridge Key'. I got a new phone from insurance, but have no ones numbers. welp, mah.

USF has been flippin awesome, and by that i mean F'N A!!!!! They messed something up so my student loans aren't deferred even though I am enrolled in 6 credit hours and somehow forgot to waive my 'out of state tuition' so I owe 2+grand. They remembered to waive some credits, just not all. Really? Really. Apparently it is getting taken care of...because doing something right the first time with a bureaucracy like the one at a 'top rated' university would be silly. Ludicrous actually. Thank Santa for people like b-kenny (thats you, barbara, i like that nickname) and some other friendly voices there or else this blog post much more colorful. WELP, MAH. It'll get worked out, I'm determined!

Also, thaaaaaank da looooord for my family. There is NO WAY I would make it this far without them- which is ironic considering they don't really want me to go, hahaha <insert alanis morissette  music here>

Despite not having the right backpack or sweet shades, I AM SO EXCITED. Also, nervous, anxious, happy, sad, tired, stoked, grateful, pumped, bout to piddle with joy... yea pretty much.

OH, yea, I should add- I leave for Philly sunday morning, leave for South Africa at an ungodly hour somewhere between monday and tuesday. My mailing address while in training will be the following:

Samantha Spedoske
Peace Corps
PO Box 9536
Pretoria 0001
South Africa



  1. Well, you're off. I'm excited, sad, nervous, jealous, and happy for you! I love you, and can't wait to hear all about it. Write me soon!

  2. I just have to say, "you are AWESOME!" I am applying for the peace corps & USF School of public health. I am so excited. We are very similar. I look forward to reading more. I pray for your safety and the knowledge you we be able to obtain!