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Saturday, January 14, 2012

You donate, I run, a child gets an education

As I believe most of you know I am a fan of running. I am not fast or competitive, or really even look like a runner, but I enjoy it. Running has changed dramatically since living in SA but for the most part I have continued on, even completing my first ever marathon through SOWETO in November! WHOOP WHOOP! And the next race I do will have a little more meaning...

The Longtom Committee with two of the KLM scholarship recipients who just graduated and are now off to University! From right: Veronica (PCV), me, Sandile Tshabalala (KLM scholar), Jordan (PCV), Alan (PCV), Uplands staff, Gugu Nyathi (KLM scholar),

Sandile's story
Gugu's story

Although I live and work in the community of Danisane I will also be helping raise money for another long term Peace Corps project. The KLM foundation was started by two former PCVs and each year sends a worthy learner from a rural area to one of the most prestigious schools in southern Africa, Uplands College. One way we raise money to be able to sponsor a learner for 6 years of tuition and board is through the Longtom Marathon. This is a very exciting time for PCVs as the majority of us participate and one of the only opportunities we have to see each other.

Please check out the KLM website for more detailed information on what exactly I am raising money for:  http://www.klm-foundation.org/  for the general organization site, and to meet the learners currently being funded through KLM and the Longtom fundraiser:http://www.klm-foundation.org/our_scholars/meet_our_scholars.html. I was lucky to be able to visit this school and meet several of the learners KLM is sponsoring one on one, and after listening to their stories I can promise you this is a worthy cause!


The marathon is either a half or an ultra, 21.1 K or 54K. I will be participating in half marathon. After the marathon I did in November, and the hike I went on this December, I thought my mom might actually come here and slap me across the face if I did the ultra, and really that is just a lot of K’s.

The race is March 31st in Sabie, Mpumalanga Province. This is a personal goal for me to train and completing the race, but also to help a worthy cause of helping a child receive a better education. I have committed to not only running but to also raising a minimum of $100.00, and any amount you could spare will be appreciated and helpful. All donations are also tax deductible. To donate money please go to the KLM website to make a donation, just click on the 'donate' photo. Make sure to put my name in the white box where it asks for the Longtom runner you want to sponsor so it goes toward the minimum I committed to raise.

If you have any problems with the website let me know, if you tend to get equally frustrated with websites feel free to send a check, see below!

The online donation is preferable, but if you need to mail in a check, please make it payable to "Kgwale Le Mollo (US)" and send it to:

KLM Foundation (US)
c/o Bowen Hsu
461 So. Bonita Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91107
Please make sure to include a note that your donation is on my behalf.

Thanks so much for your support, and especially for supporting the child who is chosen next year to attend Uplands College. I'll let you know how the weekend goes, and how many funds we, Peace Corps volunteers, collected.


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