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Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is very, very outdated. My bad

These are blurbs i wrote at work and never posted, my brother kindly reminded me i have been absent from my blogging! Another actual update is to come soon.

23 May 2011
Well, the CNA (community needs assessment) is not going how we all talk about it hypothetically in class. Thanks for the preparation, GH2 & Peace Corps. Ugh. O well, I am concentrating more now on the org I work for so I know what I might potentially be doing. I have a lot of potential thoughts and ideas, so that’s super duper.
I recently met a couple students (excuse me, I mean, learners) at the secondary school that were pretty sweet. I was interviewing them about the community/school and all that jazz and asked why there were no youth/mentoring groups or any clubs or anything. We talked about it for a little bit, then all of a sudden the one guy was like “wait, why are you asking?” I explained some of my ideas about working with the school and again what my role is and he was pretty stoked- he started talking about how he was once in prison but got his act together and now hopes to graduate next year and he would love to try and help the youth and all that jazz. I then realized they are older than what I thought someone in 11th grade would be, have been through a lot- and both very passionate about helping the community- score for me!
We did some fun gardening last week, which I enjoyed very much. I loved being outside- too bad I was unaware of these gardening plans until we started working…wrong day for a silk-ish blouse! Ha! By 10AM I was already covered in sweat, fell in a bush, and the project manager had to pick thorns outta my ass. It was pretty humorous! To try and make our fence more secure we went searching for aloe plants, and dragged them back to our place. Ha, the thorns that will keep predators away also cut up my arms nicely. BUT they for some reason think I am fragile and whenever I do something they think I am incapable- so I of course had something to prove.  Fun stuff. Then we ate bagobe for lunch, and I got a wicked stomach ache. Come to think of it, I’ve had a stomach ache for four months.
I am getting really good at Minesweeper. I am a beast, really.
I read ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ in less than 3 weeks (all while also sleep > 8 hr/night). I clearly did not rack up enough miles last week. What can I say, it was a real page turner- all 600+ of them. I really do recommend it to everyone! I know that the history of South Africa is not exactly common knowledge, and I have done a half ass job of explaining certain important aspects, but really, read the book. Nelson Mandela is the bomb diggity. 
All my friends are graduating and getting jobs. In what world does it make sense that I have friends who are doctors, nurses, and a lawyer? Weird. 

<as an update, my CNA is done, and i actually think i did an ok job on it>

5 June 2011
Sup, world. Howzit? Sharp? Great.
This past week was pretty interesting. Monday I was not well, I puked in front of the old man on the way to the latrine. I was better mid-day, which is pretty typical. I have been having some other GI issues, but I’ll be fine. I’ll prob suck up my pride at call medical soon. Mom- don’t worry. I am fine.
I got amazing packages this weekend. All I’ve done today is watch movies I got from Cate read Time magazine, read about Natalie’s life (amazing), and eat junk food. Sorry, church, I just couldn’t do it today. Anyway, nothing but love for coop (Natalie) and my momma. Thanks a ton.
Oh, last weekend Cate E and I were on a taxi to Polokwane, I don’t really feel like writing about the whole epic experience but I will talk about the taxi. So, the rank we got off is pretty gnarly. You gotta have your ‘Don’t F with me face’ on and walk fast. Well, a nice young gentleman was being a pain in our asses,  let me set the scene: So we are obviously targets for ppl wanting to ‘help’ us, b/c ya know, we glow, but it’s just really annoying and many times the people are very pushy. So he is standing inside the taxi at the door and says:
Man: “Hey where are you going….blah blah”
Cate: “no where, we got it”
Man: “blah blah pushy pushy blah…HEY Lekgowa”
Cate: (as she is passing by him with me behind her) DON’T call me white person. (exits)
Me: (as I pass by) “and its MAkgowa” then I step down
…E quickly exits…
This was obviously followed by laughter. Oh, and makgowa makes it plural. This story doesn’t do it justice. Eish.
<update- my stomach is better>

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