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Sunday, May 1, 2011

If rhymes were a drug, I'd sell em by the gram

I would like to give a shout out to Mr. Garfield- don’t worry I’m taking wonderful care of your daughter.

I have had a lot of time to evaluate my music selection. I am a little disappointed in myself. Much of my music got corrupted, and more is on my laptop that I don’t use because it needs a power source- so I am left with only my iPod. It does not have nearly enough Elton John or 2Pac- this got me thinking. I think Elton and 2Pac would have been great together. The little stunt with Elton and Eminem was overrated, but I think Elton and 2Pac could really do something good. It would rival the Aerosmith and Run DMC duo. 

This is what I think about. Epic cultural stuff. 

I started working on a remix to “You Don’t Know Me” by TI, I really don’t have to change too many words. We can call it poetry right? Hippy Peace Corps stuff-I mean, I’m wearing my birks while doing it.

This all spawned after a solo dance party in my room, but my friend Samantha explained that we should call it an “exercise session” I like it, makes it sound way less pathetic. 

But really, I have been thinking how PC could make training more useful, and a couple of us were talking about it when we met in town. Cate had a great point- PCVs need to talk more about what to do when there is nothing to do. Tips like, spread your laundry out for three days, or never cook more than you need, because that means the next day making dinner does not take NEARLY long enough. I think that should be our classes contribution to PC-SA. So far other things to when you have nothing to do include learning how to fold clothes like they do in the stores and practicing how to French braid. I have found that it is important to make yourself FEEL like you’re doing something, like “man, I REALLY need know how to properly make a bed to be a good PCV, I will spend an hour doing it” or "I did NOT sweep the dirt outside well enough, I must do it again". I think maybe we should put a book together, call it, “Where there is no stimulation” and it really is NOT supposed to sound dirty. 

There have far too many holidays in this last 2 weeks, I have had one work day that was about 3 hours long. I guess I could do something productive, like study language, but dance parties are way more fun. I am trying to integrate, went to church this morning. That was 4 hours of my day, and it is kind of fun. It’s like a free concert every week. 

Hhhmm…what other PC things have I done? My run on Friday had 12 giggling children screaming ‘LEGKOWA’ so I stopped and did a little impromptu workout session with them- that was fun. Then my asthma was worse than when I was an overweight 7 year old trying to play soccer. Eish…love the air quality! 

Ok. Met my blogging quota for a while. 

This is my life. Now I will go make dinner. 

Sami aka Tinyiko, but mostly Lekgowa

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